BlueMediaBlaster with Wifi antenna


BlueMediaBlaster has up to 21 simultaneous connections, 100 meter range and allows remote connectivity for updates.
BlueMediaBlaster measures 6"x6"x2" and is network and Wifi ready. BlueMediaBlaster is suitable for fixed Bluetooth networks that are managed remotely either through Ethernet or Wifi. For example, campuses, shopping malls, food courts equipped with LCD displays, night clubs and stadium when people are instructed to activate Bluetooth through speakers. BlueMediaBlaster can also offer multiple campaigns, and run on certain times.

Hardware Features

Can use a keyboard, mouse & monitor
Can use the box without a network connection
Will discover network on boot up
No Moving Parts
Automatic Campaign restart after power failure
Can be deployed as a standalone broadcasting point
Can use USB Memory for Campaigns
Reliable industrial Compact Flash Drive
Standard 100m Range Bluetooth Dongle
21 simultaneous connections

bluetooth server
Software Features

Control Remotely from Internet
Automatic Network Detection
Control days, hours to run campaigns
Create zones with multiple BlueMediaBlasters
Remotely reboot the BlueMediaBlaster
Run with or without a network connection
Stats data updated hourly
Password protected for leasing applications
Plug and Play technology, simply provide power

bluetooth server

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