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Bluetooth Marketing

What is Bluetooth Marketing & Advertising? Imagine walking in front of a poster, and being offered a coupon or a promotion directly from the poster...
Imagine seeing a great promotion, and being able to download a coupon or brochure...
BlueMediaServer offers breakthrough mobile marketing technologies that innovate and energize brand experience!
Our Bluetooth marketing servers amplify your message, and enable it to travel from mobile phone to other mobile phones.
We have the broadest range of Bluetooth marketing and advertising solutions including: Networked servers, stand-alone servers and On-Demand servers starting at $50.

BlueMediaServer $99

BlueMediaServer is the most cost effective Bluetooth marketing device on the market. It is also the most versatile Bluetooth marketing and proximity marketing solution. It is portable, functional, affordable and patented.
BlueMediaServer is capable of 100m range, measures 3' x 2' x 0.75' and weights 100 grams. This Bluetooth marketing server runs on AC, rechargeable Lithium batteries or solar panels. It can also run on 4 AAA batteries
BlueMediaServer is designed to be up and running in minutes and to work independently from a computer.
This Bluetooth marketing server can broadcast any file format that is acceptable by mobile phones.

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 units

  • Stand-alone, Class 1(100m)
  • 3 simultaneous connections
  • 3' x 2' x 0.75', 100g, Power: AC, Lithium or Solar panel

Recommended For:
  • Events, Fairs, Street Marketing, Segways, Scooters
  • Mass Transit Shelters, Busses/Taxis Interiors
  • Homes For Sale, Temporary Campaigns

BlueTapServer $50

BlueTapServer is the latest innovation in Bluetooth Marketing. It enables any poster to interact with customers, and enables customers to request a download by tapping on a hot zone. BlueTapServer enables new applications such as: Coupon-on-demand, interactive banners, shelf advertising...
With just 1.5' x 1' x 0.3', this device is the smallest patent pending Bluetooth marketing and advertising server on the market.
BlueTapServer runs on batteries and is completely autonomous.
This Bluetooth marketing devie is suitable for large poster campaigns: banners, kiosks, taxi interiors, supermarket shelves...

  • Stand-alone, Contact server
  • 1.5 x 1 x 0.3', 20g
  • Power: Internal battery

Recommended For:
  • Banners, Smart Posters, Interactive Walls
  • Shelf Marketing, Banks, Pharmacies
  • On-Demand Applications, Enable Customers to Choose Offer from a Number of Choices

BlueMediaBlaster $379

BlueMediaBlaster is network and Wifi ready. It measures 6' x 6' x2', has up to 21 simultaneous connections and 100m range.
BlueMediaBlaster can be managed remotely through Ethernet and a web interface. For that, it requires a dedicated internet connection such as high speed internet or VPN and good networking skills. This Bluetooth marketing and advertising server is a good match for locations that have digital signage such as LCD displays that can be used for the call-to-action.
BlueMediaBlaster is best suited for campuses, shopping malls, food courts, night clubs and stadiums.
This Bluetooth marketing and advertising server can offer multiple campaigns that run on specific time slots.

BlueMediaBlaster Pro (for malls, airports and theme parks) allows tracking of lost children, as well as sharing information between multiple servers for the purpose of sending unique ads to customers, and for the purpose of sending ads relevant behavior-based ads.

  • Networked/Stand-alone, Class 1(100m), 21 simultaneous connections
  • 6x6x2", 400g, Power: AC

Recommended For:
  • Cinemas, ATM Machines, Internet Kiosks
  • Point of Sales, Mall Kiosks, Airports
  • Any Fixed Network

How to Choose a Bluetooth Marketing Solution?

The most important factors in considering a Bluetooth marketing and advertising solution are: Application, Experience with Bluetooth marketing and flexibility.
Fixed networks at airports and malls require different Bluetooth marketing solutions than ad-hoc, mobile or wearable applications.
For fixed networks, BlueMediaBlaster is recommended for Bluetooth marketing and advertising because it has remote update capability. However, this solution requires some technical skills and network connectivity at the location of installation.
For Ad-hoc, mobile or wearable Bluetooth marketing applications, a stand-alone server like BlueMediaServer is recommended. This type of server does not require technical skills, does not require network connectivity or secure location.
If you have multiple Bluetooth marketing offers at one location and want your customers to choose between them, then BlueTapServer is recommended. This is the case for supermarkets and banks.

What Is Proximity Marketing?

Looking for creative, cost-effective methods to distribute rich media content? BlueMediaServer Bluetooth marketing uses Bluetooth wireless technology to distribution coupons, promotions, music and videos to mobile phones. Content that is engaging, interactive, and informative. The formula works when these wireless devices are close to a spaces that is equipped with BlueMediaServer.

What Is Bluecasting?

BlueCasting is a Bluetooth marketing and proximity marketing solution which allows brands to provides information, entertainment, discounts, coupons, and other promotional material to users of mobile phones at a specific location through Bluetooth.

What Is A Tap Server?

BlueTapServer stays asleep untill it senses a tap. At that time, it will broadcast the Bluetooth marketing material to nearby mobile phones.

Clėo: VIP Corporate Gift

Clėo is your Constant Brand Ambassador that periodically lights your logo, attracts attention and intrigues friends and family. Clėo is a key ring fob that alerts the owner when they are more than 30-40 feet from their phone -- so useful that they will always carry it and in turn be reminded of your brand and relevant marketing message. Clėo is unique, exclusive, patented and customizable. It fills an important function for your customers as it protects their mobile phones and enables access to secure data. It is ON 24 hours a day 7 days a week and has the same life time as a mobile phone. Clėo can send a marketing brochure to the mobile phone. It is designed for Mobile Operators and Banks.

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