BlueTapServer is the latest innovation in Bluetooth Advertising & Marketing.
BlueTapServer is disposable device and enables any number of downloads. BlueTapServer is suitable for poster and banner ad campaigns as well as taxi and kiosk campaigns where volumes are large and installation and maintenance costs must be kept at a minimum.
BlueTapServer is generally taped to the back of a banner, and a hot zone is drawn on the front with a call to action: "Tap here to receive a free coupon" BlueTapServer is dispatched to the location of advertising together with the banner. Installation costs are minimal since it does not involve any extra work on top of regular banner installation. BlueTapServer enables any poster to become interactive, and enables customers to request a download by tapping on a hot zone. This feature provides excellent targeting and customer satisfaction and enables many applications never before possible such as: Coupon-on-demand, interactive banners, shelf advertising...
With just 1.5x1x0.3", BlueTapServer is the smallest Bluetooth Advertising server on the market today! BlueTapServer runs on batteries and is completely autonomous. It allows 3 simultaneous connections and has a range of 15 meters. BlueTapServer is designed to be up and running in minutes and to work in any environment (mobile, fixed, no power source).

*Minimum order quantity required

bluetooth server

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