a Is my phone compatible with BlueMediaServer?

BlueMediaServer is designed to work with Bluetooth enabled cell phones that are discoverable and have a file transport service enabled in the cell phone software. BlueMediaServer does not work with cell phones that either have the Bluetooth turned off (undiscoverable) or do not have a file transport service installed in the cell phone operating system.

a Can Bluetooth be used on mobile platforms?

BlueMediaServer is the only portable solution on the market. It is light weight, and can run on batteries. Besides being used at fixed location, it can be used as a wearable device or on mobile devices such as Segways and scooters.

a Is BlueMediaServer hardware or software?

BlueMediaServer is a hardware which enables service providers to offer Bluetooth marketing services. There are no service fees to the service provider, and no fees to the customer.

a How does BlueMediaServer work?

When the user activates Bluetooth, the phone will automatically prompt him/her for permission to receive content from sender XYZ. If the user accepts, the content is sent to the mobile phone. The user is not prompted again.

a How much does BlueMediaServer cost?

Thanks to its breakthrough patented technology, BlueMediaServer provides significant value, and excellent ROI. BlueMediaServer is used in over 50 countries and some of our customers are Fortune 100 companies. It is practical and effective. It provides significant advantages over other Bluetooth solutions, including over 60% cost savings, full portability, low maintenance, and is the only product designed specifically for the marketing industry.

a Can I spam people with BlueMediaServer?

Bluetooth cannot be used to create spam. Clients can only get a message if they activate their Bluetooth, and authorize the sender. Bluetooth marketing is generally not effective for push campaigns because the vast majority of the users have their Bluetooth turned off.

a Does the system send the same content over and over (spamming)?

BlueMediaServer sends contents to a mobile phone one time only.

a Are there charges for the service or for receiving content?

BlueMediaServer is not a service. It is a device. There is no service charge to the broadcaster or to the user for sending or receiving Bluetooth promotions.

a What level of skills is needed to operate a Bluetooth campaign?

BlueMediaServer comes with an easy to use Windows application that allows to upload images, test, videos... and to collect statistics.

a Do I need to attach the server to a PC?

BlueMediaServer is completely autonomous and stand-alone. It does not need a PC. It needs to connect to a power source such as AC supply, battery, or solar panel.

a Can I broadcast Bluetooth messages from a central location?

Here are some statistics to consider: -90% of clients have Bluetooth turned off, -for the 10% of customers, when asked if they will receive a file, 75% will say no, -and of the 25% that say yes, 50% of the times the transmission is dropped because the mobile phone cannot communicate well from large distance. If you want to broadcast messages from a central location, you should expect a hit rate less than 1.25% of your population.

a My Bluetooth marketing campaign yielded very low response rates. What is the problem?

Bluetooth is a technology for short term communication. Most mobile phone's Bluetooth antennas are designed for headset communication, and cannot support a range longer than 10-15m. For effective Bluetooth marketing campaign, it is recommended to do the followings: -Distributed architecture: Use many transmitters with short range instead of a few transmitters with large range -Multiple signages: Put signage at distributed locations to inform clients about the campaign. Ensure people at different locations can see different signage, and respond to them -Offer multiple contents: Offer different contents from different locations to make your campaign more interesting -Offer compelling content, coupons and promotions. The success of your promotion is directly promotional to the attractiveness of the promotion, and its viral effects. This ensures that: -a- People activate their Bluetooth -b- When asked to accept a message, people will accept -c- Transmission will not be interrupted due to antenna limitations

a Can BlueMediaServer handle simultaneous connections?

BlueMediaServer device can serve multiple mobile phones simultaneously.

a What type of file can I send?

The types of files that can be sent through Bluetooth are: Vcard, Jpeg, Gif, 3GP, Midi, MP3, MP4, Flash, HTML, Java and others

a Is there any Virus threat to my phone?

Most marketing content is send as JPEG, GIF, 3GP which do not present a virus threat.

a How long does the battery last with BlueMediaServer?

Our batteries last for 72 hours if properly maintained.

a Can I get real-time statistics?

BlueMediaServer does not provide real-time statistics unless in the context of a VPN network with LCDs. BlueMediaServer provides statistics at the each campaign. Also, due to the nature of Bluetooth marketing where for addressing a large crowd, a very large number of Bluetooth transmitters is required, real-time statistics management is not practical. In situations where real-time reporting is necessary, it is recommended to use a combination of monitoring stations and BlueMediaServers. Scattered real-time statistics stations are position at key locations at a rate of one every 10-30 BlueMediaServers.

a Will BlueMediaServer Products work with BlackBerry Phones?

BlueMediaServer works with Blackberry phones. Blackberry phones require special steps in order to receive a file via Bluetooth. First you must go to "settings" and select "bluetooth settings" to turn on bluetooth and set it to "visible"
To receive a file via bluetooth follow these instructions:
Step 1: Blackberry phones demand a pairing code, this is always 1 (one)
Step 2 Select the "media icon"
Step 3 Select "photos or pictures"
Step 4 Select "device memory"
Step 5 Select "receive via bluetooth"
Now you will see a screen that says " waiting for file transfer" your blackberry is now ready to receive a file(s) from any of our Bluetooth advertising products.

a Why does my phone ask for a pin code ?

Certain phones will invariably demand a pin code and reject the automatic authentication from BlueMediaServer. Among these phones are:
Blackberry Phones
LG CU400
Samsung (several models)

a How do I order BlueMediaServer?

BlueMediaServer is used in over 50 countries. To get more info, please send go to Contact.