What Is Bluetooth Advertising?

BlueMediaServer provides information, entertainment, discounts, coupons, and other promotional material to users of mobile phones at a specific location. BlueMediaServer helps businesses and organizations offer the followings: - Location-based coupons
- Localized information
- Promotions
- Coupons
- Product brochures
- VIP passes
- Real-estate listings

What Is Proximity Marketing?

Looking for creative, cost-effective methods to distribute rich media content? BlueMediaServer uses Bluetooth wireless technology to distribution coupons, promotions, music and videos to mobile phones. Content that is engaging, interactive, and informative. The formula works when these wireless devices are close to a space equipped with BlueMediaServer.

What Is Location-Based Marketing?

BlueMediaServer offers powerful proximity-based direct response marketing solutions for content providers, advertisers, retailers, public space operators, and more. Mobile phone users can receive coupons, video, audio, photos, text messages, etc.

What Is Proximity Advertising?

BlueMediaServer can be placed anywhere that people with mobile phones can be found. BlueMediaServer can be incorporated into numerous forms of display media like posters, Segways, scooters...

What Is Bluecasting?

Bluecasting is a proximity marketing solution which allows brands to provide information, entertainment, discounts, coupons, and other promotional material to users of mobile phones at a specific location through Bluetooth.

What Is Viral Marketing?

BlueMediaServer enables your poster or ad to send viral coupons, invitations, product brochures, music, videos, business cards, calendar events, web pages to mobile phones through Bluetooth. Persons that receive the content can share the content with other people.

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing for Businesses

BlueMediaServer innovative Bluetooth proximity marketing servers & software are the ideal solution for large scale franchise businesses who are seeking a state of the art, viral marketing campaigns which are affordable, easy to implement & manage, and can be used in an extensive number of applications.

What Are The Best Locations For Bluetooth Marketing?

- Poster Ads
- Department Stores
- Electronic Stores
- Shopping Centers & Malls
- Clubs & Lounges
- Fairs & Conventions
- Service Centers
- Book Stores
- Video Stores
- Banks

What Is The Value Of Wireless Marketing?

Content providers load customized content onto BlueMediaserver and direct the system to broadcast that content to mobile phones using Bluetooth wireless technology. The content, which uses mobile coupons, information, entertainment, discounts, and other promotional material, transmits at speeds up to 30 times faster than it would take to download them from most available mobile networks. Bluetooth advertising means powerful, effective wireless advertising. It is authorization based as prospects control if they want to receive content. BlueMediaServer is a permission-based marketing system designed to ensure a spam-free, rich user experience.

How Effective Is Proximity Marketing?

Retailers use proximity marketing to target patrons inside their stores and pedestrians within relative proximity of their storefronts: people who own mobile devices that use Bluetooth wireless technology. For example, music retailers can broadcast or distribute monetized content in various formats, including MP3, MP4, or ring tone formats to patrons in a non-intrusive, inconspicuous manner. They can also reach potential customers in the immediate vicinity of their storefronts. Never before have brands, information providers, and retailers been enabled with the technology to send content and direct response advertising directly to a consumer's mobile phone. Bluetooth enables viral marketing. The secret of a successful Bluetooth campaign is not in how many people got the message, but how many people found it interesting and passed it forward.

How to Manage a Bluetooth Marketing Campaign?

Service providers can use the integrated software tool to track information pertaining to the success or failure of message delivery.

What Is A Tap Server?

BlueTapServer stays asleep until it senses a tap. At that time, it will broadcast the marketing material to nearby mobile phones.

How Bluetooth Server Works?

Service providers design content for mobile phone and load the content on BlueMediaServer. They assign a campaign name to the server. BlueMediaServer is powered up at the location of advertising. BlueMediaServer distributes advertising content to people who own devices that use Bluetooth wireless technology.

How An Operator Programs The Server?

The operator connects BlueMediaServer to a PC using an interface cable and uses a Windows application to select a file of choice. That file is transferred to BlueMediaServer. BlueMediaServer is transported to the location of advertising, and powered up using AC, battery or a solar panel.